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prop.8 news

03/06/15 U.S. Supreme Court refuses to stop the disclosure of Prop.8 campaign contributors
08/15/13 Prop.8 case dismissed by California Supreme Court
08/01/13 Brief submitted today requesting prop.8 to be enforced
07/20/13 Ninth Circuit Orders Prop.8 videotapes to remain sealed
07/15/13 California Supreme Court agrees to consider request to uphold prop.8
07/12/13 ADF petitions California Supreme Court to uphold prop.8
06/30/13 Justice Kennedy refuses to vacate Ninth Circuit's motion
06/29/13 Ninth circuit prematurely allows same sex marriages to resume
06/26/13 U.S. Supreme Court rules prop.8 defenders lack standing
04/01/13 Implications of Prop.8 and DOMA rulings
03/26/13 prop.8 is heard at U.S. Supreme Court today
03/25/13 Informal video debates on the marriage trial tomorrow
03/21/13 The not so inevitable march towards same sex marriage
03/19/13 Final Prop.8 brief filed before oral arguments
02/28/13 Opinion: Prop.8's twisted path to the Supreme Court

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