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Date Posted: 3/19/24

Summary: Texas Border Wall

Notice the time between the dates listed below.  As I stated at the beginning of this year, events are going to happen pretty fast and big for the next several years.

  • 02/29/24: U.S. District Judge David Ezra blocks SB 4 from taking effect.  SB 4 allowed for the arrest of illegal aliens suspected of illegally crossing the U.S. border. ref

  • 03/02/24: A three judge panel for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturns U.S. District Judge David Ezra ruling.  This ruling is pending appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court ref.

  • 03/04/24 U.S. Supreme Court reinstates ban on S.B. 4 from taking effect until 3/13/24 so that the court can review the case. ref

  • 03/18/24 Justice Alito extends the ban on S.B. 4 from taking effect until further notice. ref

  • 03/19/24 U.S. Supreme Court allows S.B.4 to go into effect immediately while the 5th Circuit hears arguments which are scheduled for April 5. ref

  • 03/19/24 5th Circuit reinstates ban on S.B.4 and will hear oral arguments 3/20/24. ref

  • 03/20/24 5th Circuit hears oral arguments regarding S.B.4. ref

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