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Story – Character List
written by: admin

Date Written: 2/11/20 Last Updated: //

Michael - Archangel Michael.  Rather reserved, a warrior, protector of the souls of mankind.  has existed through countless incarnations of the universe.  He awakes when man is created and disappears just before mankind is destroyed by the dark one.  The dark one is the only one more powerful than Michael.  Michael goes by the name The Director.  He never ages and is utterly indestructible.  He is immune to all disease and poison and has no need for food or air.  He can open portals to anywhere.  He is immensely knowledgeable and despite his age has near perfect memory.  Due to his age he experiences time as the ever present now, therefore his patience is infinite.  He is a tactical mastermind.  He is capable of emotion, but physically limited in that regard.  He cannot experience extremes and cannot go insane.  It is possible for Michael to do evil, but to a much lesser degree than other humans.

Michael is both Angel and human.  Demons and angels do not recognize him as he is hidden.  Michael will always appear to lose to the arch-demon Satan (to be renamed) in the end, but both know Satan will ultimately lose.  Despite Michael's immense power in all areas, he cannot be everywhere and can be harmed by harming humans.  This harm is metaphorical.

Throughout the uncountable incarnations of the universe there is always the building known as the Hospital where he is known as The Director.  The hospital is a big building with many defenses. The Director fears and respects Hell.  He takes his commands from the Oracle who is a human that gives him orders occasionally and can answer questions.  The Director keeps his identity hidden until the just before the end of time as to reveal himself would be a tactical blunder.

Johnny - Johnny is the sort of son of Michael.  Michael has a double portion of spirit.  He tends to laugh uncontrollably.  He likes a challenge and can be very chaotic.  He loves to fight and finds a good fight so exhilarating that he can't stifle a laugh.  He fears The Director as well as a reckoning.  The Director does not stand for misbehavior of Johnny and will stop everything to keep him in line.  Johnny knows it and has an inkling as to what The Director is capable of and knows he cannot be stopped.  The Director commands Johnny.  Johnny does not die easily, not even through aging.

In a fight to rescue a hostage victim Johnny will care only about keeping the terrorist alive so as to take him in.  Johnny likes the cursed girl's curse and countering it.

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