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Date Written: 7/15/10 Last Updated: 9/5/13

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Kimura was first introduced in X–23: Target X: 4 as X–23's handler.  She is X–23's arch enemy.

Kimura was bullied and abused as a child and was shown kindness only by her grandmother.  Her alcoholic father beat her and her mother didn't love her.  As Kimura grew up she became the kind of bullies that had tormented her and worse.  She begged for a job at the facility as she loves to torment people who can't fight back and it was a way for her to get revenge on those who had initially tormented her.  It was at this point that Kimura became the bully she had feared.  

Emma Frost punished Kimura for her attack on the Xavier Institute and her students by erasing the memory of the only person Kimura ever loved and replacing it with a painful void.  See New X–Men 36.  In Astonishing Tales: Wolverine/Punisher: 2 it was revealed that some psychics repaired the damage that Emma Frost did, but I suspect it was only a patch up job at best as it was described as a rewiring of her brain and took all of 6 months to accomplish.

Personality and Relationships
Kimura is a sadist and gets an immense amount of joy from tormenting others.  She is really good at it and loves it.

The only person in her life to show her kindness was her grandmother.  The person she likes to bully the most is Laura Kinney (X–23).

Skills, Abilities, and Weaknesses
Her skin is invulnerable even to adamantium claws.  She is not strong and is very vulnerable to psychic attacks.  She has weapons training and works for the Facility, which is an offshoot of Weapon X.


Memorable events

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