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Book Review: 2 Books on Homosexuality
written by: admin

Date Written: 2/10/11 Last Updated: 10/1/13

The Homosexual Agenda:
Exposing the Principle Threat To Religious Freedom Today
Alan Sears and Craig Osten

This book is written by Alan Sears the CEO of the Alliance Defense Fund, the foremost legal organization set up to defend religious freedom and by Craig Osten, the Vice–President of Creative Services for the Alliance Defense Fund.  These two have been entrenched in the battle against the Homosexual Agenda for years and have in this book compiled the history, methodology, and goals of the homosexual agenda.

As I have watched the news I can see that it is becoming more and more ludicrous to believe the notion that homosexuals do not have an agenda and a really big one.  In short, their goals have been to do the following:

1. Talk about Homosexuals and homosexuality as often and as loudly as possible.
2. Portray homosexuals as victims and not as aggressive challengers.
3. Give the protectors of homosexuality a just cause.
4. Make homosexuals look good.
5. Make those who believe homosexuality is bad look bad themselves.
6. Get endorsements.

All of these things have occurred already.  With countless examples and references the authors document the current state of affairs in the entertainment industry, the extremely aggressive indoctrination that is being forced upon children and parents in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.  How the government is being used to make any statements against homosexuality illegal.  How the church and people who do not fully endorse homosexuality are being fined and jailed for their statements and positions.

To take a stand against homosexuality is certainly a dangerous thing and people who do so should count the cost before doing so and if they do so they should be prepared and educated.

I found the book to be well documented and easy to read for those that are unaware of all of the different facets of the homosexual agenda and it helps people to understand the cost of standing for the principles of your faith.  Yes, there is a certain amount of uneasiness about posting this online, but I am a firm believer in educating the public about these matters as well.  I hope to help Christians who are looking for informative and quality books on homosexuality from a conservative Christian standpoint make informed decisions.  The number of books out there on this subject has grown a great deal in the last 10 years, but there is still only a few dozen out there and they are to be treasured.  Soon they may become illegal and listed as hate propaganda.

I do have one or two criticisms about this book however.  While this review deals with the Revised and Updated edition it is still copy written 2003 with references only going so far as 2004.  I can not find anything more recent from these authors or others on this subject.  That would be very helpful in this ever evolving event.  I also wish that some of the organizations were referenced in an index for this book to make it easier to go back and look up various organizations.

101 Frequently Asked Questions About Homosexuality by Mike Haley

This book really does cover 101 very relevant questions about homosexuality that are directed to several different groups of people.  There are questions directed to homosexuals who want to leave homosexuality and others directed to family members that recently found out that a family member is gay.  The topics covered include questions about culture, the differences between male and female homosexuality, and what the Bible has to say about homosexuality among others.

What I like best about this book is that the author used to be entrenched in the homosexual lifestyle and has come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  As the years went by Mike Haley, the author, has become very well read on the subject of homosexuality and leaving it and the culture as well, especially since he lived it for so many years.  His approach to the subject is very calm, logical, and compassionate to both those who are in every stage of the homosexual lifestyle as well as to those who are hostile to homosexuals in a way that is unprovocative.  There are also a great deal of recommended reference materials that he has made me very interested in pursuing.

This book gives hope to the homosexual that wants to be free of his unwanted desires and to the parent who is distraught over their child's newfound declaration that he is gay.  The author has worked with and counseled many who want to leave the lifestyle and others who know someone that is a part of that lifestyle.  While The Homosexual Agenda had a wealth of information I was already familiar with most of the material already.  It only compiled it al together for me as a reference book.  This book answered some questions that I really did not know.  like "What is Homosexuality?" and "Our daughter just told us she is gay.  What should we do?"

This book is highly recommended and should be useful for many years as a foundational and starter book on the subject.

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