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GoDaddy Troubleshooting
written by: admin

Date Written: 11/11/11 Last Updated: 5/8/20

Your request timed out. Please retry the request.

The demo page is http://www.animeviews.com/test/sample/test29.php.  

If you wait 2 minutes or longer after a form loads to hit the submit button you will see the error Your request timed out. Please retry the request.  I am using php 5.3.6 on a 4G Linux Shared Hosting account.  This error can be reproduced on Opera 11.60 beta, Opera Next, IE8, and Chrome, but not in Firefox 7.0.1 or Firefox 8.0.  The following php5.ini values have been set and are expressed in the php info page as well:

max_input_time = 6000
max_execution_time =5000

These values may be a bit high, but are that way in order to show that the values are not set too low.

The page itself uses only very simple HTML with just a touch of css for flavor.  Here is the full code which you can see is very simple:

<div style="text-align:center;font-size:32px;"><b>Title of Form Goes Here</b><hr></div>
  <form action='test29.php' method='POST'><br><br>
  <input type='password' name='pasword' value=''>
  <input type='submit' value='Submit'>

<br><br>If you wait more than 2 minutes after the page is loaded to hit the submit button
an error will be displayed "<b>Your request timed out. Please retry the request.</b>"

Then two different forms are loaded on two different pages such as www.mysite.com/form1.php and www.mysite.com/form2.php at the same time and I submit form1.php 2 minutes after loading and form2.php 2 minutes and 5 seconds after loading I will only get the error with the first form that was loaded at which point some unknown timer resets and form2.php will execute just fine even though it was more than 2 minutes since the first page was loaded.

If form1.php and form2.php are loaded at the same time and form1.php is submitted 2 minutes after being loaded and form2.php is then submitted 4 minutes after first being loaded the error will appear for both forms/pages.

Setting the permissions on the file to execute for both user and owner (705) did not resolve this.  Setting the file extensions in the godaddy file extension manager to php 5.3.x FCGI for php, php4, and php5 extensions did not resolve this issue either although both methods are good ideas and helped to eliminate the possible cause.

My suspicion is that there is a server timer that is set very low and turns off the $_POST variables are not utilized or the global values are reset somehow if they are not used within two minutes in order to save resources.

This seems to be a very low timeout setting in my opinion.  20 minutes would be better at least.  An hour or more would be optimal.

The best guess as to the cause of this problem from another person with this issue who was able to get this solved is either the zone file for the domain was not properly setup within their system and needed to be refreshed or the server I was connecting to was experiencing a node issue or a standard connection issue.

This is my last posting for this issue unless something else comes up.

connection closed by server

When using filezilla or fireftp I notice that I can connect just fine, but if I try to upload a file to the website the connection is closed by the server.  The cause in my case was a firewall.  My netnanny subscription had expired and it was filtering nothing, however it was now acting as a firewall of sorts.  This appears to be some sort of obscure bug in the netnanny program.  I renewed my subscription and the ftp services now operate as they should.  ref

Installing Perl

If your hosting plan supports Perl then here are the steps you need to take to ensure your script runs.

The following is a working demo:

print "Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1\n\n";
print "hello world";


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