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Marvel Unlimited FAQ
written by: admin

Date Written: 12/19/15 Last Updated: 1/14/19

The following answers were obtained primarily from My cup O Joe issues 1 – 51.  Cup O' Joe went on for 53 issues before it ended.  A little over a month later he moved on to CBR.

  1. What are Free comics?  Free comics are promotional comics that are released primarily as a teaser for non subscribers and subscribers alike.  There is a new one released each weekday.  Free comics stay up for a while, but often are taken down and later made available only to subscribers.  You can see the list of them here.  These comics are either a new release or part of a recently released collection ref.  I have noticed that some of these FREE comics are sometimes neither new releases or part of a recently released collection, like Ultimate X–Men 70 which was released as a collection some 4 years earlier.

  2. Why are some of the bonus stories located at the end of some issues missing? The best I can tell it is because not sometimes they are reprinted in elsewhere in other digital comics to avoid redundancy.  ref.

  3. Are there exclusive digital comics? Yes, these are released every Wednesday. ref.

  4. How many Digital comics are there? There are over 17,000 with about 25+ being added each Monday ref.  17,000 comics as of 1/3/15 ref with about 1300 more each year.

  5. Does anyone else do Digital comics? The only other one that comes close is Comixology which allows you to subscribe to a particular comic digitally and you can view that comic the day it hits news stands. ref.  Note: DC Comics Universe has just entered the ring.

  6. Are Digital comics removed after they have been added? Officially, No, but they might sometimes if they have to, but only if they have to.  –– This answer came from a post in the Marvel forums from one of the staff in charge of MDCU productions.  The post has since been removed as posts are regularly pruned.

  7. How many titles are there and which ones are complete? About 400 titles are complete.  The list can be found here.  It is also updated as new titles become complete.  A title is also considered to be complete if it is up to date.  A title is up to date if it is within 6 months of the latest newsstand release.

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