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DC Universe
written by: admin

Date Written: 1/14/19 Last Updated: 2/19/19

DC Comics has just introduced a new streaming service (finally) to compete against Marvel Comics Unlimited service.  Below is a small FAQ on my experience with it.

  1. What is DC Universe?
    It is a streaming service for watching DC Movies, TV, and reading comics.

  2. How much is it?
    The price is less per month than Marvel's at $7.99 vs. $9.99, but more annually at $74.99 vs Marvel's $69.00.

  3. When did DC Universe start?
    9/15/18. ref

  4. How is this different from Marvel's Digital comics Unlimited?
    DC Comics has a streaming service for DC shows and movies which Marvel currently does not have.  The content is generally for an older audience and can contain sex scenes with live action nudity.

  5. Is DC Comics available on Comixology?
    Yes!  For some time DC Comics was only available in print or for individual sale on Comixology.  As of 1/8/19 DC Comics is now available on Comixology Unlimited ref.  Comixology is a digital service much like Marvel Unlimited or DC Universe.

  6. DC Comics crosses over to other series a lot.  Are there any curated or collected lists?
    Yes!  Scroll lower to see links to many such lists.

  7. How big is the comic library?
    As of 1/14/19 there are 2932.
    As of 2/10/19 there are 4251.
    As of 2/12/19 there are 4432. (Nearly 200 added in 2 days.)

  8. Is this for all ages?
    Considering the live action shows like Doom Patrol can contain nudity I'd say it is for adults only.

DC Blog 6/28/18: Introducing DC Universe: A First-of-its-Kind Digital Subscription Service Designed Especially For Fans

My email:


Your "monthly membership" includes unlimited access to
DC Universe on all your favorite devices for $7.99 (plus sales tax,
if applicable in your state) / year.


1 month from your DC Universe membership start date of 01-14-2019.


Your method of payment may be automatically charged $7.99 (plus sales
tax, if applicable in your state) at the conclusion of the initial subscription
term (and upon the conclusion of each subsequent subscription term) and
your subscription renewed for an additional 1 month,
unless you cancel in advance.


Your DC Universe subscription is not refundable. To cancel your subscription prior to auto-renewal contact us at support.dcuniverse.com


The DC Universe Team

Note 1: At present I do not see an option to upgrade to an annual service if I want to change my subscription.  I can, of course, cancel at any time.

Notable links: https://www.dcuniverse.com/collections/homepage


I pulled all of the collections that I could from Google.  These still need to be sorted.  I did not add the ones that had broken links or collections that had zero entries.  I am thinking of sorting these into Get to Know, Related Content, Videos, Abandoned?, row, EDT, and OTT.

Aquaman Adventures
Aquaman and his Aquapets
Aquaman Maelstrom
Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis
Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis
Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis
Atlantis Chronicles
Batgirl: Year One
Batman Beginnings
Batman: Court of Owls
Batman: A Death in the Family
Batman Eternal
Batwoman: Elegy
Beast Boy with the Doom Patrol
Beast Boy with the Titans
Binge the best Aquaman
Binge Read Titans
Darkside Gotham
Celebrate Aquaman Family
Celebrate with the Flash Family
Celebrate with the Wonder Woman Family
Chill Out!
Chill Out!
Classic DC Moments
Classic Hero Team-ups
DC Essentials
Comic Homepage Anonymous
Comic Series
Trending Comics
DC University
Arrow Season 2.5
Detective Comics - Batwoman
Death of Superman
Dick Grayson
Doom Patrol: Crawling From the Wreckage
Dive Deeper Into Doom Patrol
Dynamic Duos
Christmas Issues
Rebirth #1s
Essential Batman
Essential Donna Troy
Essential Doom Patrol
Essential Raven Stories
Essential Young Justice
Extra-Dimensional Adventures
Batman and Robin: Father Son Bonding
First Appearances
Forever Evil
Futures End
Green Lantern Corps
Going Ape
Going Ape
Hank and Don
Halloween Issues
Hero Team Up Stories
Hero Vs. Hero
Thanksgiving Issues
Valentine's Day
Homepage DCU Sneak Peeks
The Huntress: Year One
Ice Cold Comics
Identity Crisis
Infinite Crisis
Jim Lee Essentials
Jim Lee's Picks
Justice League Essentials
Justice League: Origin
Legends of the Dark Knight
Monster Mash
Monster Mash
Newest Comics Most recently Digitized?
Origin Stories
Misc Collections
Newly Added Comics
Raven Comics
Batman related collections
Related Collections Flash
Nightwing Collections
Abin Sur Related Comics
Bane related comics
Related Comics: Deadshot
Doom Patrol Related Comics
Doomsday related comics
Hawk And Dove: Related Series
Huntress Related Comics
Nightwing related comics
Robotman Related comics
topo related comics
Sidekick Origins
Starfire Comics
Action Comics: Brainiac
Action Comics: Escape From Bizarro World
Aquaman: The Trench
Batman: A lonely Place For Dying
Batman: Where Were You The Night Batman Died?
Batman: The War of Jokes and Riddles
Cyborg: Imitation of Life
Doom Patrol: Brick by Brick
Doom Patrol: Crawling From the Wreckage
The Flash: Born to Run
Green Arrow: Quiver
Green Lantern: No Fear
Harley Quinn: Die Laughing
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Justice League: A New Beginning
JLA: New World Order
JSA Classified: Power Trip
Legends of The Dark Knight: Gothic
Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven
Nightwing: Traps and Trapezes
No Man's Land
Red Robin: 7 Days of Death
Saga of the Swamp Thing
Saga of the Swamp Thing: Love and Death
Shadow of the Bat: The Last Arkham
Suicide Squad: Rogues
Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire
Superman: Black Dawn
Super Sons: Super Sons of Tomorrow
Teen Titans: A Kids Game
Terror of Trigon
Terror of Trigon
Young Justice: Training Day
Superman: The Movie - 40th Anniversary
Superman 40th Anniversary books
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Superman: Birthright
Superman: Unchained
Test Hero Unknown
The Titans 1999
Titans Hunt
Trail of the Catwoman
Batman: Under the Hood
Batman Vs. Catwoman
Batman vs Penguin
Batman Vs Riddler
Who Killed Superwoman
Wildstorm (2017)
Wonder Woman Essentials
Wonder Woman: Year One
Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals
Dive Deeper into Young Justice
Young Justice 1998

Get to Know
Batwoman Books
Beast Boy
Black Manta
Catwoman Movies
Doom Patrol
The Flash
Flash tv
Dick Grayson
Grayson Books
Batgirl Books
Hawk and Dove
Lex Luthor
Red Hood
Robin: Son of Batman
Starfire Books
Swamp Thing
Teen Titans

Video Collections

Grayson Episodes
Starfire Episodes
Popular Episodes Vide
Binge Watch: Titans
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
DC Universe Presents
Christmas Episodes
Going Ape Episodes
Halloween Episodes
DC Daily
Thanksgiving Episodes
Jim Lee Movies
Jimm Lee TV Series
Monster Mash
OTT Trendings
Amanda Waller related video
Abin Sur related tv
Related TV Aquaman
Arsenal: Related tv
Batman: related series
Birds of Prey related tv
Related TV The Flash
Related TV Huntress video
Related videos joker
Nightwing: Related tv
Orphan Related tv
Raven: Related tv
Robotman related tv
related videos superman
Wonder Woman related episodes
Abin Sur related videos
Aquaman related tv
related videos ares
Relateds Batman
Batwoman related videos
Boomerang related movies
Relateds CHP
Deadshot related movies
Relateds: Joker
Robin related tv
Scarecrow related movies
Superman related videos
Terror of Trigon Episodes
Superman 40th Anniversary
Animated Series
Video Classics
Video Hero
Video Homepage: Anonymous
Video Shorts
Video Specials
Trending movies and tv series
Batgirl Movies
Batman Episodes
Batwoman episodes
Catwoman Episodes
Wonder Woman videos
Wonder Woman Series
Superman Series
Supergirl Episodes
Robin Movies
Shazam related movies


Android TV Home Page
Green Lantern Stories
Happy Halloween
Legendary Villainous Collections
Origin Stories
Sidekick Spotlight
Comic Homepage Premium
Comic Homepage Reg
Meet the Teen Titans
Popular Collections
Celebrate Superman
Homepage Premium
Homepage Registered User
Newest Collections
Related Collections Robotman
Related Collections
OTT Homepage Anonymous
Homepage Premium
OTT Homepage Registered
Superman related comics
Test Hub Homepage

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