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DC Universe
written by: admin

Date Written: 1/14/19 Last Updated: 1/30/21

DC Comics has just introduced a new streaming service (finally) to compete against Marvel Comics Unlimited service.  Below is a small FAQ on my experience with it.

  1. What is DC Universe Infinite?
    It is a streaming service for watching DC Movies, TV, and reading comics.

    On 1/21/21 it was announced that DC Universe would now be DC Universe Infinite. ref.  This includes the Vertigo imprint, DC Black Label, comics come to DC Universe Unlimited in 6 months as opposed to the previous 12 months, and Free to Read comics.  DC Universe videos were moved over to HBO Max around August 2020 ref.

  2. How much is it?
    The price is less per month than Marvel's at $7.99 vs. $9.99, but more annually at $74.99 vs Marvel's $69.00.

  3. When did DC Universe start?
    9/15/18. ref

  4. How is this different from Marvel's Digital comics Unlimited?
    The comics list is much more extensive than Marvel's.

  5. Is DC Comics available on Comixology Unlimited?
    Yes!  For some time DC Comics was only available in print or for individual sale on Comixology.  As of 1/8/19 DC Comics is now available on Comixology Unlimited ref.  Comixology is a digital service much like Marvel Unlimited or DC Universe.

  6. DC Comics crosses over to other series a lot.  Are there any curated or collected lists?

  7. How big is the comic library?
    As of 1/14/19 there are 2932.
    As of 2/10/19 there are 4251.
    As of 2/12/19 there are 4432. (Nearly 200 added in 2 days.)
    As of 2/24/19 there are 4625. (Nearly 200 added in 12 days.)
    As of 3/11/19 there are 5332. (707 added in 15 days.)
    As of 3/25/19 there are 4871. (460 removed in 14 days.  This may also be a bug in the counting system.  I noticed that when viewing all comics several duplicates were listed.  After refreshing the page these were no longer present.)
    As of 4/3/19 there are 7130.
    As of 4/12/19 there are 7239. (109 added in 9 days.)
    As of 4/14/19 there are 7239. (0 added in 2 days.)
    As of 4/16/19 there are 16095. (8856 added overnight!)
    As of 4/24/19 there are 21608. (5513 added since last week!)
    As of 11/7/19 there are 22408. (800 added in just over 6 months.  That is a little over 100 added per month.)

  8. Is this for all ages?
    No, the content is for adults.

  9. How recent are the DCUniverse comic releases? New comics are released on DCUniverse every week and are 6 months old or older. ref

DC Blog 6/28/18: Introducing DC Universe: A First-of-its-Kind Digital Subscription Service Designed Especially For Fans

My email:


Your "monthly membership" includes unlimited access to
DC Universe on all your favorite devices for $7.99 (plus sales tax,
if applicable in your state) / year.


1 month from your DC Universe membership start date of 01-14-2019.


Your method of payment may be automatically charged $7.99 (plus sales
tax, if applicable in your state) at the conclusion of the initial subscription
term (and upon the conclusion of each subsequent subscription term) and
your subscription renewed for an additional 1 month,
unless you cancel in advance.


Your DC Universe subscription is not refundable. To cancel your subscription prior to auto-renewal contact us at support.dcuniverse.com


The DC Universe Team

Upgrade or Cancel subscription Go to Settings then Subscription and there you will see an option to cancel or upgrade your subscription.

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