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Tuesday 2:18am

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I recently moved all of my characters from one swtor server to one of the more populated servers and I was quite happy with the move.  I didn't think I would be.  The only reason I changed was I felt that the server I was on was about to close sometime in the not too distant future and I wanted to move before I was forced to.  The number of subscribers has recently dropped dramatically from about 1.7 million to 1.2 million although that drop may not necessarily be accurate ref

I have heard it said online and from a friend that the lack of endgame content is disappointing.  I considered unsubscribing, but after thinking about it I have decided to stay.  Endgame content is not likely to ever be an issue for me.  I play games for the storyline and not for the pvp or raiding aspect of a game.  That and I am simply having a lot of fun with the game.  I want to play every class (4 light side 4 dark side for 8 total) to lvl 50 and possibly every gender as well.  I may even replay some classes over again.


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