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Thursday 1:10pm

Date Posted:

I've been reinstalling windows again last night.  I was able to update the Tweaks –– XP page with more accurate information regarding turning on the sound for a sound card.

Formatting the hard drive took about 2.5 hours.  Installing Windows took another hour.  Downloading all of the updates took a couple hours.  Now I am just readjusting all of my settings.  I ported over all of my music and my playlists.  I just subscribed to most of my feeds.  I really should have written them all down.  I need to sit down and customize Opera, but I want to wait on that till after I finish installing Star Wars.  I expect installing Star Wars will take the rest of the afternoon despite the high speed download.  swtor is a very big game; one of the biggest that I know of.

All in all I hope to have everything done by this evening.


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