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Wednesday 4:19pm

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I am still getting my computer set up.  My old hard drive had a fatal error that Windows 7 could not fix, so I reinstalled Windows 7 on my new HDD.  All my old files seem retrievable though.

In short, my new computer is up and running and it is quite fast.  I can run swtor in ultra and have 60 fps in most areas.  In Balmora the fps dropped to as low as 35 fps, but I discovered that was due to rendering the grass and I suspect the same and worse will still be true on Alderaan.  The new computer (minus the video card) is picking so much of the rendering that it just could not do before.

The game is new again.  The bottleneck is now the video card, so I hope to get that replaced next.  Maybe not right away though.  I really want to enjoy this new set up for a while and the video card limitations are not critical like the rest of the system was.


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