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Tuesday 1:26am

Date Posted:

Phew!  I actually got it done tonight  It looked like it was going to be a nightmare and easily could have been, but it all worked out.  The search version 3.7 is now up and it will most likely be the last in the 3.x series.  

This version lets the user decide which sections to search with the default being everything.  Now the results can be narrowed by category.

I am very happy with this version, but the next step, which may not be for a while will be to work with text indexing for much faster searches.  I think it will be a while because I need the break and this is a good stopping point.  It was a lot of fun getting to this point and will be a lot of fun to take this back up again when I do.  The last reason is that version 4.x just does not really seem to be needed right now nor will it be for a while yet.


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