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Wednesday 12:46am

Date Posted:

Yup, no new articles or real updates yet.  Nothing in the works either.

With this new full time job I notice I have been developing some habits.

I make all of my own lunches for work.  I always dress formally even though there is little to no reason to.  This has made me stand out, but in what way I am standing out I do not know.  On weekends I have made it a practice to do some sort of project that I otherwise would not be able to.  This weekend I did a lot of paperwork that has been piling up for months.

There are also the little habits like making a big meal on weekends, filling up the car, and cleaning when I can get time in to do so.

What is next week's planned project?  I'm not fully sure yet.  I still have to get "my" car's headlights repaired and I want to do a bit of Fall yardwork.  I want to make studying, Bible reading, and recreational reading more of a regular habit, but I am not quite there yet.  I hope to be soon.  For now I need to get my life more organized as I continue to learn how to manage a full time job into the rest of my day to day activities.


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