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Sunday 2:35pm

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cool, I have been having a bit of fun trying to do a bug search for the quote form that has undergone a pretty significant overhaul.  Little things relly, like putting symbols and letters in the form where numbers should be in the verse category and it is all processed and automatically cleaned up

If the space is blank, the value for the blank space will simply not change.  

Code can always be made better and more advanced, whether it be a search feature or a daily quote or how articles are stored and displayed or any number of aspects.  It is a nevrer ending quest really, or at least so it seems at present.  The daily quote can be updated to make it optional to order quotes by location or subject.  The imput forms could have better screening commands.  any number of other things.  As good as the search feature is I find myself wanting to improve it further, but I must stop.  Too many other aspects are being neglected I think, like the articles and the reviews.  They need more attention.


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