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Friday 11:20pm

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My two tests went well.  I have two more I need to take next week as well, so I will be studying a bit for them tomorrow (meaning all day if I can).  I got all of my copyright questions completely answered today.  The banner falls under the fair use law.  The screenshots as well.  If it didn't I would most likely get a cease and desist request.  If I were sued I would most likely win.  So... the banner is back up and everything is back to the way it was.

I find myself still going back to the latest PCRE expression that was given to me.  I find that I understand it better, so I have been updating my explanation of it and expanding it.  I'm still not done with it, but when I feel I have a good grasp of it I will move on to something else.

It really is good to know that the copyright issue is taken care of .


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