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Tuesday 6:10am

Date Posted:

I did a little more work on updating the code to hide certain memo posts so that I can have a section of rough draft posts that I can post when I am ready.

EDIT: Almost done with the update.  Still have a bit left to do.  I also found a bug with the mini-review where if more than 1 tag is used, the review will also display in the memo blog section.

Stopping for now.

EDIT: Did more work and found more bugs.  There seems to be one last bug where the main image displayed on the main page just above the Memo blog and the Mini-Review is the one related to the first post in that section even if it is a draft post.  It is a small bug.

done for now.

memo posts were hidden:

There is a bit of coding involved.

Coding for me is like my own personal version of minecraft, but better.


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