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Wednesday 7:17pm

Date Posted:

Windows Media Player 12 bug

Premise: the playlist sometimes disappears upon playing songs with lyrics.

Goal: To open player with a playlist that auto-disables the bug.

Ruled out:

Question: Is the bug triggered with all songs with lyrics?


  1. When starting player the first song with lyrics displayed will remove the play list.  The next song that has no lyrics will bring the list back and the bug disappears.  Do not bring back the list manually with keyboard or mouse shortcuts.  Doing so will somewhat prevent the bug from disappearing.

  2. Going to skin mode then back to Now Playing brings the bug back.

  3. If the first song has lyrics, list pane will be gone as a default position.

  4. If the first song does not have lyrics, the next song that has lyrics will trigger the bug, however, the next song that has no lyrics will bring the list pane back thus permanently disabling the bug.

  5. The only workaround I see is to play a one second song that has no lyrics and have the next song in the playlist be 1 second long, but with lyrics, then play the first song again and the bug will be gone.  Next is to test the theory. Update 7/13/20: It works.  Next is to see if this can be improved.  Maybe with less than 1 second songs.

See Windows Media Player 12 tricks


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