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Wednesday 11:26pm

Date Posted:

I slept the afternoon away and I am about to go back to sleep again.  Pulling all–nighters is really a drain on the body.

anyway, I consolidated 4 files:  palmer links, rad one, biomechanics, and programming.

The cool thing is that these new files will now take on the properties and abilities of the most advanced form; the programming form.  Basically this means that code can now be displayed and one or two bugs have been fixed.

Next up will be to either write a program that will add tables to the database or to figure out how to consolidate more reviews.  Most likely I will need to do the latter first.

heh, I just added 4 files to the website and deleted 16  The goal is to keep the website efficient so that the work load of maintaining the site does not increase as the site grows and expands and hopefully decreases.


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