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Thursday 12:43am

Date Posted:

Today was my day off and while I didn't do too much coding-wise, I was able to get a lot done and conquer a fear of mine having to do with finances.  This is kind of a big deal as it will help guide my decision on what I will do next regarding any future career.

I'm beginning to work on the password aspect of the website.

It will allow me to reset/change the password and I've decided it will have it's own page.  There should be an option to send a password reset via email if needed.

The 1st step is to figure out how passwords are created, which I pretty much know already how I have it set up.  Next is to remove the old password functions.  3rd is to create a new page that will change the password.  Lastly, make it look nice and add any necessary additional security measures.


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