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Thursday 1:24pm

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How should we look at this new Trump era that we are in from a Conservative Christian perspective?  During President Trump's time in office he was able to reveal just how deeply entrenched the Deep State was and is.  The Deep State is a cabal of people who are actually liberals who only want to stay in office forever and have total power.  To achieve that goal the Deep State needs to install a Communist government where they control every aspect of our lives.  This all used to be just conspiracy nonsense, but now you just turn on the news and you can see that it is true.  This is all common knowledge now, but the left is still calling it all nonsense.

Second, Trump showed how to fight fire with fire of our own.  This leads to a second point which is that Conservatives and Christians need to stick together far more than we ever have before.  I believe that this means and involves the creation of a parallel society within America.  We need to start buying only from other Conservative/Christians and stop frequenting other businesses that hate us but want our money.  We also need to do our research to learn who claims to be a Conservative, but actually hates Conservatism with every fiber of their being.


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