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Tuesday 11:34pm

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I figured out how to merge two tables.  I will use the script for displaying the latest 10 or so documents and rewrite it so that it calls all of the contents from that table into a set of arrays and then use a loop to insert the contents into the 'other' table.

In other news I took a test in Rad 2 that I am not proud of and the grade for it has not come back yet.  I am on pins an needles until it does.  I will also be studying a lot more to be sure that I do pass all of my classes with Rad 2 being my tip top priority, so I might not update much for a few weeks.  I will be very happy to be back to programming, no worries there.

Last note/thought for the night and possibly longer.  I have been thinking about the evolution of scripts and programs in an effort to understand the ultimate goal and destination.  The process seems to involve certain steps.  The first is what do you want the program to do.  Then what can make it better?  Another new step that I was just pondering is what new features can be added to the program so as to anticipate future needs?  

There also needs to be a stopping point with these projects, because each step should not be an end in and of itself, otherwise the script will lose its way.  For example a script can be faster than anything and yet no longer be needed.  A script can have so many features that it is hard to navigate through all of the options.  A script can anticipate almost every future need, but be so large that it forgets that it is only a tool, because a program is made up of many different parts that work together.  If one takes on everything it actually loses its versatility.

A script needs to be just simple enough, just versatile enough, just small enough, just complicated enough to serve its purpose to the best of its ability.  A script is to its program design.  The program as a whole is to serve man and man is to serve God.

It is important to think on these matters so as not to lose my way in this quest to create a website whose purpose has mostly been revealed, but not entirely yet


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