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Wednesday 12:16pm

Date Posted:

minor status report.  I got my financial aid check for this trimester, so I am busy paying bills and such.  I put a large chunk of it onto my credit card as I try to play catch up.  I should be getting an internet connection soon.  

As far as the website goes I have one or two bugs that I want to try and fix.  In particular the IE space that occurs underneath the banner in certain resolutions.  I also want to try and fix the case sensitivity issue with the search feature.  

My least favorite project to work on is the search feature.  I know that I could download a search program and that there are many available, but it is important to me that I know exactly how it works so that I know that it is working right and so that I can update it and customize it to work exactly how I want.  

I have not been doing much with updating the site yet because my website editor program that I have been designing has not been finished yet and there is a lot of security issues with these school computers, so that's the story with that.

I have been watching a lot of anime as of late and tv shows too from the Blockbuster online program.  House is good and Battlestar galactica the new series.  Scrapped princess and gunslinger girl were fun too.  Samurai Pizza cats was not as much fun as I thought it might be.  The gunslinger girl manga was a lot of fun as well.  I have been looking at Spirited Away and the reasons why I did not like the Disney version.  The reasons are complicated to put into words, but I think that it is important enough that I will try to do that at some point in the not too distant future.

I never really know what is going to go on with school, but I'll try to add some more content to the site soon.  Barring any setbacks I hope to have the connection up at my new place by Friday evening at the earliest.


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