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Wednesday 2:04pm

Date Posted:

went to my first day of classes today, but I only went to one class today and just slept it.  I stayed awake too late last night.  I knew I shouldn't, but I did anyway.

Yesterday I watched 4 dvds and almost got a little burned out from it.  Sometime tonight I hope to finish and post the review for WHR volume 5 and at least get a start on volume 6; the last volume.  I am still rather happy with how the website looks.  As you can see, I feel comfortable enough with how it works that I still consider it to be finished even though I am still scanning through it for improvements or bug fixes and I am posting reviews and real articles again after a very long interlude.

I downloaded vlc 9.4.  I was using 8.6i.  It is nicer in that I can take better screenshots and seems easier to use and customize.  It also feels cleaner and more crisp, but still freezes on the menues page occasionally after a period of time.  I use it because it can play foreign movies and can take high quality snapshots that I can upload to the site.

People are voting today on a new president and it should be interesting o see how that turns out especially in the gay marriage amendment area.

Lastly, I still need to get an x–ray credit for clinic 1 and I am still nervous about that.  Several other things that I am working on as well and hope to post on later.


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