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Sunday 1:11am

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I changed the name of a directory folder to "admin" from "review".  This just makes more sense to me.  The scary thing is that I also updated a lot of code and pages.  A Lot of pages.  I changed an old term that I used to use called reviewID.  I think that I was fixing lots of code when I did it, so broken links are now fixed, etc.  The thing is that I have not found any errors so far.  I am just worried where and how they will pop up if I did make mistakes.  I guess time will tell.  I'll try to take another look and see if I can find anything.

I moved the images from the main folder to the images/pops folder.  

Deleted the admin/tadaaheader.php file.  Dunno what it was exactly, but it was ancient and would have taken too long to fix.  The file was the biggest mess of code that I have ever seen on my site and it didn't look like it was even doing anything at all.

I also renamed the configuration page.  I think that is about it as far as renaming and moving my fileserver files around.  Things should make a bit more sense now.  I have a good number of fileserver files on my site, so it is important to keep them as organized as possible and as few as possible.

Fixed the edit button for the Older Musings page.  Kinda pointless though, because the info is not stored in the database so it can't be edited.  I'll probably insert it into the database soon.


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