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Saturday 11:06pm

Date Posted:

This is very exhausting, but hard to put down.  Half of the links section is set up.  I need to take a break from this and take it up again tomorrow or the next day.  I have 3 projects due Monday, so there might be a bit of a delay in finishing this program up.  I did get a great deal of this program done though.

Oog, I found another bug in the quote program.  Apparently the new quote is displayed at 11:00 pm as opposed to midnight.  Oh, well.  I'll have to look into that later.  I want to get this search program done first.

EDIT: search parameter is finished.  This means that the program can now generate the search parameter no matter what site it is on and no need to update the program if I want to add another table to the search program.

Next up is to insert it into the database to test it out and then after that the info needs to be retrieved for easy editing.


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