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Monday 4:23am

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I finished writing the review for Gunslinger Girl DVD 3: The Silence of the Stars.  It was difficult on so many levels too.  Actually writing the review was not a problem though.  For one using vlc was not user friendly today.  I am using version 9.8a and with this one I am unable to skip ahead or rewind.  It can be really frustrating for when trying to take good screenshots and such.  I was frustrated enough that I even tried watching it on windows media player 11.  That was sadly worse.  I was unable to use subtitles and the screen would never go truly fullscreen.  I did not try to take snapshots, but unless things have changed the screensots for windows media player are of lower quality for whatever reason.  At first I couldn't play anything because the codecs for merely playing DVD's were not installed.  i don't know why they are not standard with windows media player.  oh, well.

Then uploading screenshots was a problem because with my program since the images were in .png format the program was unable to create thumbnails for them!  Well, either way I was able to get a review written and up anyway.  I'll try to fix things up later.  

As a list of things to fix at some point:


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