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Wednesday 12:26am

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Edit: Yay!  I got it to work  I went into C:Windows and found 2 copies of ie8.  I renamed the primary to ie8 from ie8(2) and renamed ie8 to ie88.  I then successfully uninstalled ie8 beta 2 and reinstalled (successfully) ie8 RC 1!  I probably renamed ie8 at some point for some reason to ie(2) because of some major problem I was having that I have since forgotten.  I think that I did it to get my computer to work when an updated version of ie nearly destroyed my computer.  Ah, well.

I now have another problem, though, in that msmsgs will not stop loading at startup.

Edit: None of the other methods on that page worked either.  Hmm...

Edit: Method 4 did not work.  Gonna try method 2 now.

Edit: Ok, I was able to go to the microsoft website to check for updates, but see that I now have all of them with the exception of IE 8 RC1, which cannot be installed.  I just tried it.  Again.  Currently, I am at microsoft's support page to see what I can do.  There are 5 options and right now I am working on option 4 as 1 and 3 did not work.

Edit: I just finished my second restart and my computer is still working ok.  I imagine that there will be several more automatic updates coming pretty soon, but we'll see.

oog, I am having a nasty time with ie8.  I hardly ever use it, but I do need it to test my web pages in different browsers.  I am currently using ie8 beta 2 and I can't uninstall it.  I can't install the latest version and when i start ie8 beta 2 it crashes upon opening the program.  To make matters worse ie8 reloads right after it crashes!  I have no malware on my computer according to kaspersky and it is disabled at present anyway.  I can't manually delete ie8 or install over it either.  I am trying the automatic updates now, but I remember that I turned them off, because it nearly destoyed my computer not too long ago.  The destruction was related to ie8 as well.  Well, lets see what happens now.

P.S. I'll try to update this post soon and frequently if I can to make it more detailed and readable.


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