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Sunday 2:59am

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I really can't think of anything to update on this site script wise.  I can not think of any bugs or new features to add nor have not been able to for a while now.

Wait, the subtitle aspect of the HTML Tags script could, but not necessarily should be added to the config page.  At best that is a distant back burner idea.  I could add another MySQL script article that deals with a preg_replace or str_replace program to update all of the rows in a table, but that is an article and not a new feature or bug fix for the website.

I have been upgrading this site for so long that it is strange to be out of ideas.  Of late I have been researching and updating various articles either to reformat them or add more pertinent information.  I have added more Marvel checklists to MDCU checklists or older news articles with more historical data or more relevant links.  In that sense this site has become more of a way for me to aid research.  

This website is a lot like my own personal playground where I can say and do what I want.  There are many toys here for me to play with too.  I can "research" anime or play with image manipulation programs or specialized calculators.  I can store files and data as well.  Kinda nice .  It is likely I will be using this website almost daily for years to come.


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