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Noir DVD 3: The Firing Chamber
Violence: lots as usual with very little blood at all
Sex/Nudity: None
Runtime Episodes: 24m/26
Overall Rating: A -
Artwork: A -
Story: A
Comments: This showed premiered in Japan at 1:15am! The interview with Houko Kuwashima was very good and enjoyable. The English voice acting is unusually bad and the Japanese is quite good. The music is unusually good in this anime.
Voice Acting English: D -
Voice Acting Japanese: A
Genre: Drama, Mafia, assasins
Extras: Original promos, production sketches, clean opening and closing, ADV previews for Raxephon, Rune Soldier, Full Metal Panic, Saiyuki, Neo Ranga, Sakura Wars TV, Interview with Houko Kuwashima who plays Kiraka and the cat in episode 6: Lost Kitten

Date Reviewed: 7/13/05 Last Updated: 10/26/09

Basic Premise: When Kirika and Mirielle decide to take on the name Noir from legend they unintentionally draw out the attention of the real Noir.
Review: There are only three episodes on this DVD, but I find that the division is well placed here.  The three episodes are of the new character Chloe who claims to be the true Noir.  In the first episode Chloe makes her acquaintance with Kirika and Mirielle by taking on half of their assignment and only briefly aiding and hindering them with the second part of their job.  It is unclear who she is or what her intentions are, but it looks a little bit to me like she has taken a bit of a liking or mild curiosity to the curiosity that is Kirika.

The rest of the DVD is more and more about Chloe and the last episode does not even have our two heroines in it at all.  In that one we get to see how the true Noir operates and what kind of a person she is.  Chloe enjoys her job, but not because she revels in killing.  Chloe may be very attached to the person that she is going to kill, but she also has no regrets about what she does.  She is like a messenger of death.

I like Chloe.  As much as I would like to dislike her and who she is, she has this charisma that I just can't help but like.  I think what did me in was when I saw the place that Chloe goes home to and her utter happiness at seeing her mentor and friend once again, Altena.

Conclusion: This is a happier DVD and is focused mostly on the mysterious person known as Chloe who calls herself the true Noir. Quite an enjoyable DVD to add to your collection. This series helps fill the need for a tragedy and story of impossible redemption.

Publisher: ADV
Related Website: None yet.
Where Found: Amazon, Suncoast
Copyright: 2001/2003
Author: Kouchi Mashimo
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