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Generator Gawl DVD 1: Human Heart Metal Soul
Violence: mild
Sex/Nudity: None
Runtime Episodes: 25min / 12
Overall Rating: B +
Artwork: C
Story: D
Comments: None yet.
Voice Acting English: A
Voice Acting Japanese: C
Genre: Time travel / mecha / Comedy
Extras: Generator scematics, character profiles, previews

Date Reviewed: 1/28/00 Last Updated: 10/25/09

Basic Premise: Three young older teens head back in time to the year 2007 in order to avert the catastrophy that will alter the world in late 2007.
Review: When Ryo, Gawl, and Koji head back in time they try to blend in to society by joining the local school while they look for a way to change the future. First there is The very serious Koji who makes Spock look like a barrel of laughs, then there is the emotional Ryo who seems to bear the burdens of what they are doing to the full, and lastly, but not least is the nonchalant, sarcastic, and easily frustrated Gawl, who loves action.  When they arrive in 2007 the world is very different and new to them and they make a lot of funny mistakes trying to fit in.  Koji takes a newspaper without realizing that he has to pay for it.  Gawl has to see everything around him, because it is all so new and exciting for him and Ryo goes straight for the computers to get clues as to the nature of the cataclysm that is about to take place in 3 months.  Along the way they meet up with Masami a student at the local high school.  Gawl is found by Masami staring into the restaurant where she works and immediately accuses gawl of being the restaurant waitress stalker that was mentioned on the news earlier that day.  Gawl is immediately frustrated with her and explains that all that he wants is food, because he has not eaten in a while and is famished and could care less about Masami.  Masami is insulted and calls for the cops where the three are promptly arrested.  The three get out of it by claiming that they are orphans and have lost their IDs.  The police officer who will believe anything gives them IDs and food and offers to help out with anything he might be able to offer.  

Posing as students looking for a place to board they meet up with Masami's mom and room in the upstairs guest room much to the chagrin of Masami and Gawl.  As can be expected Gawl and Masami are at each other's throats almost the entire time of their stay.  In the mean time Gawl goes out defending the city from the generators from the future as well while keeping his secret ability to morph into a creature that is synthesis of machine and man.  

The thing that makes this series so fun for me is that while the anime truly is one of the worst I have ever seen it is surprisingly good after being dubbed into english.  It was as if when it came over here the people at ADV figured no one was going to ever watch it so they all made up their own lines!  The new storyline that was dubbed into it turned out to be very well done; the voice acting is supurb and the lines are great.  The Japanese version is actually bad in this anime.  I don't know if I will ever see an anime again where this is the case however.  Truly, I enjoyed the series and laughed many times at the differences in dialogue and at the witty insults that gawl makes towards Masami.

If you are looking for an anime that you don't have to take seriously at all and want a few laughs I would really recommend this one.  Other than that it really isn't worth it, but I am glad to have this as part of my collection.

Conclusion: None yet.

Publisher: ADV
Related Website: unknown
Where Found: Suncoast, Amazon
Copyright: 1998 / 2000
Author: unknown
If you enjoyed this anime try: unknown


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