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Tuesday 8:21pm

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A little sleepy and busy.  This trimester I need to get 25 patient adjustments in.  It seems that I can get about one a day in if I sign up for walk–ins.  I am feeling more at ease with my adjustments and can more clearly see the areas in which I need more work.

For web design I have been working on improving my old web design tips pages.  I added a page on tooltips and discuss a little what it can do and two small problems that I saw with it.  I updated the PCRE tutorial pages and the example page as well.  I am pretty well finished with them for now and rather like how they look.  I think I have been rather thorough.

Right now I am looking at an aspect of PHP that I have not really looked at before: image processing.  PHP has many aspects that I have not even looked at before.  The categories that I have looked at thus far have to do with the manipulation of strings, arrays, PCRE, time, flat files, MySQL integration, and now images.  I hope to have one small article on image manipulation soon


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