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Sunday 2:23am

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Hi, I know it has been quite a while since I have written any type of a real update on, well, much of anything.  Over the last few days I have been working on setting up a website for my church.  It is up and running now, but it is lacking any real content.  I mostly modeled it after this site, which is fine.  I like to use what works.  I don't have any of the programs on the http://www.sovereigngraceopc.com website like the daily Bible quote program or the memoblog, or wordpress, or countless other things, but I figure I can add all that in later.  I am also trying to create a basic template for a pizzeria website for a friend and keep another site for a friend running smoothly.

As far as school goes I passed all of my classes and even the dreaded OSCE's.  I am now in 8th trimester.  I hope and pray that it will all work out alright and that I once again can pass all of my classes and make it to the next trimester.  I have part 1 boards coming up in about a month.  I do not expect to do well on it, but I can't keep putting off my Board exams any more.  I put them off too often as it is.  I don't really think it could have been helped though.  School is tough.

Still collecting anime even if I have not written much in the way of reviews in maybe a year now.  I hope to get into it again at some point, but I know that there are some other more important things in life that must be dealt with, so it is definitely not certain that I will be able to get back to doing reviews.  

I use this site more as my notepad and as such it is pretty handy.  I use this site all the time.  I try not to post very personal things.  If I did I am sure it would make for more interesting reading, but I rather value my privacy .  There really isn't all that much going on with me right now anyway.  No soap operas, no adventures, and I kinda like it that way too.  I like the simple life.

Gonna get some sleep now,


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