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Wednesday 4:23pm

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things are gonna go slow for a while as I get more into school.  In my free time I am consolidating more files.  I am copying files like links and site map over to misc articles and deleting the archaic files that were used to load and update them.  I think that it is important to use as few files as possible to do what you want to do.  Otherwise things begin to get difficult to keep track of.  I have also deleted the old phpbb2 forum and the tables from the database.  That is a lot of files right there.  I know that a while back I made an effort to consolidate a lot of files and that resulted in web design, misc, Palmer links, private files, and about being consolidated.  This time I am going to try and add Theology to the list.

Hmm, I guess that would be about it .  Oh, well.


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