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Saturday 11:04pm

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I tried out the new upload program for Witch Hunter Robin DVD 6: Vengence.  It worked really well and was really easy to use.  It takes all of the work out of formatting images for the reviews.  I wasn't too sure about the minor loss in image quality though, but I decided to keep things the way they are because the image quality is about as high as you can get while reducing the image dimensions and the original image is still available in the gallery and it also helps to decrease the load time of the images a great deal.  

I did tweak some default data to reflect the new thumbnail image program.

Well, my minor interlude of updating the site is pretty much over.  Next up in my effort to finish rewriting older reviews will be the Cowboy Bebop DVDs.  I am gonna tackle these next because they are the most difficult to write reviews for.  I also need to focus on improving my review writing skill.


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