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Wednesday 9:22pm

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I have been reading marvel comics for 2 or 3 years now with MDCU and for the most part I am enjoying the stories and the artwork.  The stories are usually quite good and some of the authors are spectacular.  I am even very forgiving of a lot of plot holes, because I figure that I am reading it for the story and the storylines are consistent within their own story at the very least.

What is bothering me just a little is that sometimes it feels like they are not trying very hard at all to keep their facts consistent.  Captain America dies from a bullet to the head, but secretly he was trapped in time and now is alive again.

The Ghost Rider had a grandson and his grandson has the same powers that he had, because demonic powers are genetic.  

Wolverine in an alternate future timeline has a foster Hulk son and travels back in time where it is revealed that the alternate timeline was really part of universe 616 timeline.

Just a little frustrating.  Ah, well.  I still want to keep reading.  I am still enjoying the stories.


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