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Saturday 5:00pm

Date Posted:

well, I guess there are still some bugs left to work on.  I made one huge mistake and the site was unavailable for a short time.  I was not able to restore it either, so it is lost.  It happened when I accidentally deleted row 0 from the template table (not actual name of table).  I have rectified some of the problem by making the ID Key and updating the auto increment script I have to the latest version.

Still working.

update: demo templates can be added again.  creating new templates works again.  

installing templates is not working correctly yet.

Update: never mind.  It was working correctly.  The user template overrides the default template as it should.  I did add some instructions to the admin template creation page.  The last thing I need to do is fix the article corners, but later.

Next up is to fix the CSS fields for the memo blog.  Also the more I think about it the more I want to use the News articles version of Tags management.


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