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Friday 3:22am

Date Posted:

Added date last updated to palmer links, misc articles, web design, and rad one. They are now sorted by title instead of date last updated.

I am really getting lazy lately.  I'll try and work on that and update the site more as well.  

I spent a lot of time trying to understand why IE 7 kept displaying my CSS a little off.  After much work I discovered that the reason was because IE does not recognize percentages when dealing with padding, margins, and borders.

I went back to look at it because I was looking at making my site more standards compliant (out of boredom).  I then discovered that my doctype was nearly out of date, so I am looking at changing it to strict as opposed to transitional.  That was when the CSS width issue popped back up.  

All of this is in an effort to clean up a lot of the scripts that make up this site.  I don't normally work on this type of stuff as much as I used to, because the site already looks and operates the way I want.  Even the search program is working much better than it ever did and works just the way I want it to.  The search probably won't be updated for a while yet as it is on hiatus for a while.  

Lately, I have gotten the urge to clean up loose ends on scripts that display properly, but are sloppy or use messy code.


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