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Tuesday 12:26am

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Well, my computer is all fixed.  If anything my computer is now running faster than it ever did.  The culprit?  I am not fully understanding it, but the newest of my secondary SSDs bit the dust and was running at a constant 100% usage.  When I disconnected it my computer speed went through the roof.

What did I lose from that SSD?  Sadly, all of my music, pictures and movies as well as several other important documents and programs.  Yep, I tried several things to try and recover the data from the SSD, but to no avail.  I can't access it via BIOS, SATA cable, SSD docking station, or cloning.  It is what it is.

On the plus side I get to start over and I have lost a lot of baggage.  In the process of trying to recover the data I have now successfully transferred the data from my older NVMe to my much faster one.  I also discovered some simple hardware tricks.  When working on your motherboard, just lay the tower on its side.  When connecting and disconnecting your NVMe repeatedly, don't worry about screwing it in until you are finished, because it will work just fine without screwing it in.  Magnetic screwdrivers are the best.


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