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Updated for the Opera Stable as opposed to the Opera Legacy version.  Old links were removed or replaced where possible.  Some notes were added or updated.  I hope to keep this newly revised page up to date.

Future links will focus on some of the major features of Opera and places where you can get to know the browser better.  

Opera Internal Pages

Opera Internal Pages is a newly created page.  I am still learning what many of the following do.


Update 3/31/15: added the following:


and sorted the list alphabetically.

I will try to update this list as I discover more and learn what they do.  

Notable Opera Features and when they arrived

This is not a comprehensive list of Opera features from version 15 onwards.  It does list the major features in an easily readable list with a link to the full list of features and when they were released.  

Incorrect album art bug

Renamed the article from WMP Incorrect album art bug.  Added a tip for fixing an issue where embedded album art in certain audio files does not display in many media players.  

memo blog


Five movies to possibly add to my list of time loop movies later.

Time Lapse
Mr. Nobody

TAGS: none  Ah, I know how to fix this bug .  I'll get to it soon and most likely delete this post.

EDIT 4/25/15: I decided not to fix this bug since it needs to be typed in manually.  The fix is easy enough, but I can see the fix causing problems later.  

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Not really news worthy, which is why I am posting it here, but in California there is legislation being proposed to require parents to sign consent forms before a child is allowed into a sex ed class as opposed to the current rules where a parent needs to sign a consent form for the student to opt out of a sex ed class ref.  The bill is AB 517, titled: HIV/AIDS Prevention Act: Parental Consent ref  

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memo blog

April 14, 2015

Version 7.2 build 37

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Site updates from February 4, 2013 through April 14, 2015:

  1. security: The password reset program has been updated with documentation and improved error messaging.
  2. bug fix for password encryption script.
  3. bug fix: admin calendar tooltip is disabled if there is a line break.
  4. update: added new functionality to password salting.
  5. update: started using case file number for ongoing cases.
  6. bug fix: HTTP_REFERRER was fixed so that it will no longer inadvertently disable the site.
  7. update: mysql functions were updated to Mysqli.
  8. bug fix: search displayed an error message if no columns of a table are selected.
  9. update: dates in the search feature are now searchable.
  10. update: tables had the datetime column format streamlined.
  11. update: dock content script was replaced with position:fixed for the colors box used for changing the custom theme of the website.
  12. update: news posts now can use hr and li tags.
  13. update: news posts that have personal comments will be separated with the hr tag.
  14. bug fix: removed several instances where mysql and mysqli functions were both being used in the same script.
  15. update: stop using session_start()
  16. feature: individual news posts now can have admin comments.
  17. security: captcha sortables list was added for the forum to decrease spam.
  18. update: updated to php 5.4 from php 5.3.
  19. update: editor updated from version 1.27 to 1.30.
  20. update: html tags added the buttons ndash, mdash, hyphen, and right arrow.
  21. bug fix: post specific css for the memo blog posts is now usable.
  22. bug fix: news posts with duplicate tags were not being reduced to one.
  23. update: pcre dash script was retired.
  24. update: hyphens are no longer replaced with the html code of –
  25. update: streamlined the site so that 5 most recently updated news posts are displayed on the right side of every page.
  26. update: placed the html tags list into a box and redesigned many edit pages to make them more compact. Placed the memo blog picture arrows below the picture displayed. removed extra space between the memo blog post data such as date posted, image file location, and image hover caption.
  27. feature: tags for memo blog posts are now displayed on the main page.
  28. update: link to archives was centered.

Significant changes include:

  1. news posts now use admin comments.
  2. html tags were updated with new buttons and placed into abox.
  3. pcre hyphen script was retired.
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