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Notable Opera Features and when they arrived

Converted the page to a table view.  Today, 9/15/15, Opera came out with a nice new release adding and upgrading many new features that I have been looking forward to for a while now.  

Opera Stable

  • " --no-experiments" will disable flags.
  • Added a tip for updating and modifying the dimensions of a speed dial thumbnail image.
  • Update 8/19/15: added Slim Scroll Bar to the list of extensions.  Needs a small amount of css understanding to modify.  Also added Homepage in New Tab.
  • Update 8/27/15: added a second step for disabling Opera Auto update that I recently learned of.
  • Update 8/28/15: added an extension for toggling images.  Gave Opera extensions its own page.


The about page has been updated to include two snapshots of the website.  The last snapshot was from May 14, 2007.  The page itself can do with an update, but I felt this update deserved a mention.

EDIT: corrected the link to the May 14, 2007 snapshot.  Revised the page layout a little and removed/replaced some outdated info about the purpose of the website.  

New Game Pages

They are still rather small yet, but I hope to expand upon them later.  

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11/18/15 10:39pm Wednesday
I have not really reported on Opera 33 or 34 as there wasn't much interesting coming out.  In 33 Turbo 2 replaced Opera Turbo which replaced Off-Road mode.  In 34 Opera Discover is renamed to News.  Download manager now has a cancel button, which is definitely a good thing.  As you can see it was not much to write home about.

Opera 35 (Developer)

  • option to mute the browser.  If you have multiple pages open it will mute all of them.  The mute button can also be selected on a page by page basis by clicking on the icon in the top left of the tab.
  • A warning will now pop up if you are trying to close the browser when you still have downloads in progress.
  • There is now an ability to turn on or off the bookmarks toolbar via a new check box on the heart menu.
  • There is now a simple settings option named Basic located in the Opera:settings page where only the most basic settings are shown.
  • Opera menu is renamed Menu
  • Settings are now in bold font.
  • There is an optional address bar suggestions opera://flags/#extended-suggestions that will display some suggestions from your speed dial or other bookmark folders.  This is a work in progress.

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11/10/15 10:46pm Tuesday
I was very busy and productive today.  Of the goals I had set for myself for today I did not get done doing the paperwork for my health care or do my emails.  I have until next Thursday to get it all done.  

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11/4/15 12:46am Wednesday
Yup, no new articles or real updates yet.  Nothing in the works either.

With this new full time job I notice I have been developing some habits.

I make all of my own lunches for work.  I always dress formally even though there is little to no reason to.  This has made me stand out, but in what way I am standing out I do not know.  On weekends I have made it a practice to do some sort of project that I otherwise would not be able to.  This weekend I did a lot of paperwork that has been piling up for months.

There are also the little habits like making a big meal on weekends, filling up the car, and cleaning when I can get time in to do so.

What is next week's planned project?  I'm not fully sure yet.  I still have to get "my" car's headlights repaired and I want to do a bit of Fall yardwork.  I want to make studying, Bible reading, and recreational reading more of a regular habit, but I am not quite there yet.  I hope to be soon.  For now I need to get my life more organized as I continue to learn how to manage a full time job into the rest of my day to day activities.  

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memo blog

July 26, 2015

version 7.3 build 0

Filed under:website — vanderjagt.dc @ 10:42 PM

  1. The site is now mobile friendly.
  2. Added some css to the admin page for managing tags and linked the “number of times used” numbers to the tag itself.
  3. search feature updated to 5.8 to display two alternate dashes and the possessive single quote correctly in the search results.
  4. Removed the ID# that was listed before each news post result.

Making the site mobile friendly is actually a large change which prompted the move to 7.3. I still have some refinements I want to make to the layout, but these should mostly be quite minor in comparison. Upcoming changes include making the admin pages mobile friendly, refining the layout for a few content edit pages, continue to make the site more mobile friendly and to load faster.