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Opera Internal Pages

Opera Internal Pages is a newly created page.  I am still learning what many of the following do.


Update 3/31/15: added the following:


and sorted the list alphabetically.

I will try to update this list as I discover more and learn what they do.  

Notable Opera Features and when they arrived

This is not a comprehensive list of Opera features from version 15 onwards.  It does list the major features in an easily readable list with a link to the full list of features and when they were released.  

Incorrect album art bug

Renamed the article from WMP Incorrect album art bug.  Added a tip for fixing an issue where embedded album art in certain audio files does not display in many media players.  

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II troubleshooting

Added a tip for playing KOTOR1 and KOTOR2 in widescreen and much higher resolutions resulting in non stretched gameplay and better looking gameplay.  

memo blog


I'm still having a lot of fun with Opera 29 which has just entered beta status.  You can see the list of features I am playing with here.

  • Sidebar extensions
  • speed dial sync
  • customizable shortcuts
  • synced tabs
  • centered images

The only one I am not playing around too much with is synced tabs.  I generally close all of my tabs when I close opera and prefer to start a fresh window of Opera when I start it up.

It is hard to say which of the new features I like the most.  Currently I am playing around a lot with synced speed dials.  I couldn't fully enjoy it before because I could only really test it out on Opera Developer.  Now I can use it with Opera developer and Opera beta.

Opera made bookmarks syncable for Opera Stable today, 3/10/15.  This is the first syncable item available in Opera Stable.  In Opera Developer speed dial and open tabs are also syncable.

I have deleted the Opera bugs page as it was badly out of date.  I also deleted the Opera page for hacking an old Opera extension from whochan as there is now far better available.

memo blog

February 3, 2013

Version 7.1 build 78/ Version 7.2 build 0

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Site updates from January 6, 2013 through February 3, 2013:

  1. Security: admin and member passwords are now hashed using a newer and much more complicated hashing system than was previously used.
  2. Security: Added a new feature where members can change their password if they forget it via email confirmation.
  3. Security: Cookies now are deleted immediately instead of after 8 seconds.
  4. Security: Users that register are immediately logged in upon completion of their registration instead of having to log in after registration. This may change in a future update. I’m not sure yet.
  5. The admin calendar now displays the Month name and “prev” and “next” buttons.
  6. The “+” can now be used in article tags such as “C++”.
  7. Quotes can now be used for News post titles and anime review titles. This appears to already have been possible in the other form pages.
  8. It should no longer be possible to create a news post with no title.
  9. The Articles page no longer displays “Title and days since last updated.” when no category has been selected.
  10. The “Submit Review” button has been renamed to “Post Article” or “Save Changes” depending on how it is used.
  11. The author of the article is now colored. I chose not to document this change when I made it, but that was a mistake. I do not recall if that change was made with this build or the previous one, but it was made fairly recently.

Significant changes include:

  1. Members can reset/change their password.
  2. Security for members is greatly improved for members and somewhat improved for the admin.
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