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Windows 7 Tricks

Added tip at the end of the list for batch renaming multiple files.  

PHP –– Image Processing –– part 5: ImageMagick

Added a small snippet of code to connect two images.

update 12/19/19: added a second example of appending images using php's object oriented method.  

PCRE –– tutorial part 2

  • Largely rewritten.  Last update was 8 years ago.
  • Typos fixed.
  • links updated or removed.
  • Much of it reworded for readability.
  • Incorrect explanations corrected.  etc.
  • Added preg_replace_callback() function.

update 09/26/19: reworded and greatly simplified the first section: subpatterns.
update 10/04/19: Updated the example for preg_replace_callback() as it was incomplete.  

Opera Stable: Tips

Added the tip to use Inspect Element to view all images on a page.  

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12/25/19 10:17pm Wednesday
Upgraded to php 7.3.11 from 7.2, removed allow_url_fopen, and changed max upload size to 512M from 32M.

The interesting thing is that the ini settings are set through the godaddy control panel.

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12/24/19 1:29pm Tuesday
I am currently dabbling on the file PHP –– Image Processing –– part 5: ImageMagick to update the script for making bold text as the current one does not work.  It is proving to be more difficult than I thought, but I have made some recent progress.

At present, I am rewriting it to be a bit clearer and to fix a few lingering bugs.

EDIT: 12/25/19 I am abandoning it.  The more I think about how this code works, the more I feel it does not work the way it should.  At larger sizes the text becomes bumpy with extra angles.

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12/23/19 6:38pm Monday
One more thought on the editor program I have been having trouble with that is only affecting me.

I added a small snippet of code that will trim whitespace from my scripts so that I can save files with system() commands.  Basically, I add a space before the <?php part of the script which is then automatically trimmed out so that is saves "correctly".




If the space is not trimmed out then many of the system() commands will not work.

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memo blog

Study Project

10/31/19 12:22am Monday
This is a temporary post to help keep myself accountable regarding studying.

12/26/19: TBA

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