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Windows 7 What is the difference between Taskbar and Quick Launch?

Still working on this article.  It mostly documents the Taskbar functionality in Windows 7.  

Windows Media Player 12 tricks

Some tricks I have learned to get the Player to operate a little better and restore some of the functionality from earlier versions of Windows Media Player 11.

Windows 7 Tricks Although not really a full article yet it talks about some of the things I have learned about Windows 7.  

tv and movies hard to remember

Added Guns of Paradise and Running Scared.  Due to the length of the page it may be about ready to split it into two pages.  

States where same sex marriage was recently legalized

A great many states are overturning constitutional marriage amendments within the last few months with 12 within the last 6 months.  I would encourage prayer for our supreme court justices as they are likely to hear the appeals for these states very soon.  

memo blog


I've added a two more tips to Windows 7 Tricks.  The first is really only a link to a program Tagscanner to edit tags on mp3 files and in this case to add lyrics easily.  The other is a simple workaround to get rid of wmp12's nasty habit of always playing the same song first when shuffle is turned on.

I notice after upgrading to Windows 7 that my audio card works again with no more need of using the secondary one that I had installed several years ago.  I can go into sleep or hibernation mode without crashing my computer.

EDIT: Just added two more tips.  The first is to prevent the player from always being on top and the second is to modify the player so that it starts on the Now Playing pane

I installed Windows 7 on 7/18/14.  I'm fiddling with the settings to get it how I like and slowly working on an article noting some of the tricks I have discovered like I did with Windows XP.  Admittedly, Windows XP came out in 2001 and Windows 7 came out in 2009, but after careful review Windows 7 appears to be the OS I want.

I don't have too much to report just yet.  Some obvious differences I can see is that the run line is missing.  The Windows Media Player 12 quick launch icon looks weird and I don't like it.  The constant warnings every time I try to run or install anything is quite annoying, so I turned it off.  The appearance themes for Windows 7 allow for greater personalization of the look of Windows 7.  The spacing of the quick launch icons is a little much.

Overall, I like it so far.

Just a link that I found a little useful dealing with the legal writing and when to capitalize, or use italics, etc. link

memo blog

February 3, 2013

Version 7.1 build 78/ Version 7.2 build 0

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Site updates from January 6, 2013 through February 3, 2013:

  1. Security: admin and member passwords are now hashed using a newer and much more complicated hashing system than was previously used.
  2. Security: Added a new feature where members can change their password if they forget it via email confirmation.
  3. Security: Cookies now are deleted immediately instead of after 8 seconds.
  4. Security: Users that register are immediately logged in upon completion of their registration instead of having to log in after registration. This may change in a future update. I’m not sure yet.
  5. The admin calendar now displays the Month name and “prev” and “next” buttons.
  6. The “+” can now be used in article tags such as “C++”.
  7. Quotes can now be used for News post titles and anime review titles. This appears to already have been possible in the other form pages.
  8. It should no longer be possible to create a news post with no title.
  9. The Articles page no longer displays “Title and days since last updated.” when no category has been selected.
  10. The “Submit Review” button has been renamed to “Post Article” or “Save Changes” depending on how it is used.
  11. The author of the article is now colored. I chose not to document this change when I made it, but that was a mistake. I do not recall if that change was made with this build or the previous one, but it was made fairly recently.

Significant changes include:

  1. Members can reset/change their password.
  2. Security for members is greatly improved for members and somewhat improved for the admin.
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