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Cathy Miller wins in California Superior Court

There has been some recent developments in several free speech cases.  Most recently Cathy Miller has had her 1st Amendment rights vindicated by California Superior Court Judge Eric Bradshaw who ruled that DFEH may not compel someone to violate their 1st Amendment rights by forcing them to say something that they do not agree.

DFEH's enforcement action seeks to compel Miller and Tastries to express support for same-sex marriage, or be silent.  No compelling interest justifies such a result under strict scrutiny. pdf

A ruling can be expected soon in the Jack Phillip's case.  First Liberty has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in their case in light of 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. ref  

Computer Accessories

Added reviews for the mouse and wireless network adaptor.  Updated link of wired gaming mouse to the newest version.  

Conservative News, Entertainment, and Social Media Links

Updated layout somewhat for readability.  Subdivided Conservative news into mainstream and secondary news sources.  

Boy Scouts of America membership numbers

The BSA has had fairly steady membership numbers of around 3.4 million until about 2000 when membership numbers began to drop dramatically from 2000 through 2022.  Today, it is at .76 million members.

This page, which is more of a stub at present, points to certain notable dates that has lead to its recent downfall.

As the new adage goes: Go Woke, Go Broke  

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11/27/22 9:48pm Sunday
I have a new article mostly complete called "Sleeping well".  It is not public yet.  I want to format it a bit more for readability and add some images.  It is fairly readable as is, but I still want to refine it some more.

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11/12/22 11:46pm Saturday
List of Solid Red states with all Republican Senators, Representatives, and Governors after 2022 election:

North Dakota
South Dakota

It'll be interesting to see if these states stay this way (doubtful) and if they do how the living conditions fare in these states.

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11/10/22 8:53am Thursday
It appears that Iowa is now completely red this election.  I really hope that Republicans take advantage of that and fix some corruption, lower taxes, and enact some conservative laws like outlawing abortion, make adoption easier, lower gas taxes, expand school choice, add transparency to public schools, protect our borders, get rid of daylight savings time, etc.

I am still waiting on the Arizona Governor's race and really hope Kari Lake wins.  I feel like she and Ron DeSantis are the role models for America's Governors.

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memo blog

Work in progress

5/12/20 11:48am Thursday
Audio book: Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court by Mollie Hemingway; editor at the Federalist and Carrie Severino, Judicial Crisis Network and previously a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Summary: Of all of the vicious and horrible things that have happened to the president and various other people of the Trump administration, this is easily one of the worst.  Sadly, there are a few other things going on that are arguably worse.  Even worse is that there may well be worse things to come.

This is the inside story of how an innocent man was framed and vilified in the media, at home, and in his confirmation hearing, which most view as an interrogation and sentencing trial for a terrorist.  He was accused of sexual misconduct/ rape by upwards of a dozen women.

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