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Witch Hunter Robin
Last Updated: 7/27/07

Zaizen is a mystery Zaizen

Zaizen runs the J branch of STN called STN - J.  He is very private and is not often involved in the affairs of work.  He seems to be more involved with all of the behind the scenes activities and internal politics going on.  He has this aura about him that says be on your best behavior around him.

Robin Sena is crestfallen when she is criticized the first day on the job
Robin Sena

Robin Sena age 15.  Despite being the main character in this show, Robin is rather mysterious.  She has come in to replace one of the other members who died 6 months earlier.  Robin is a nun and does not have any parents.  She was raised by the church.  She is not terribly welcome , but her coworkers do try to be friends with her anyway.  Robin is very quiet and rather gothic looking.  She wants to be a part of the team and is eager to please.  She has a bit of a crush on Amon, but it is only natural and not really a major plot line.  Robin's power is fire, but she has a lot of trouble with her aim.  Robin hunts witches because they are witches, but after a while she begins to question if what she is doing is right.  On the job people use a necklace called orbo.  Orbo can diminish ones power, but will protect a person from another witches power.  Robin refuses to wear it.  Instead she has another necklace, but it is unclear what that necklace does.  I believe that it does nothing at all and is only symbolic in nature.  It looks pretty cool though.

Dojima about to be yelled at by her boss Kosaka, but could really care less Dojima

Yukika Dojima age 18.  Dojima got her job because her rich parents were able to pressure Zaizen into giving their daughter a job at STN - J.  Dojima gets yelled at everyday by Kosaka.  Dojima's favorite pastime is getting out of work and loafing around.  She stays out late and comes into work hours late.  The other members love wathing her get away with everything and driving Kosaka crazy.

Karasuma being friendly

Miho Karasuma age 19.  She may be 19, but she is rather mature for her age.  She is a craft user that can sense emotions and clues left lying around.  Her ability to find clues is supernatural and can come in very handy.  She is serious, yet warm and friendly and keeps everyone in brighter spirits.

Kosaka hearing that Amon has a girlfriend and not believing it Kosaka

Chief Kosaka age 45.  Kosaka is like any boss you wouldn't want to work for.  He is never satisfied and yells a lot.  He is a kissup to Zaizen and hates to see laziness.  He believes that the only way to get people to work is to keep his employees on their toes.  Kosaka is not the brightest person in the world, but he is the boss.

Michael trying to stop a hacker

Michael is 16 and a prisoner at STN - J.  He tried to hack into the STN - J database for kicks, but the STN - J was able to trace him.  They made a deal with him that if he worked for them indefitely his life would be spared.  Michael agreed.  Michael has to stay in the building at all times and do the bidding of his boss Zaizen, the one who made Michael the deal.  Michael also is not one to always obey the rules and likes to explore, but he has been humbled a bit since his capture by Zaizen.

Sakaki pondering the motives of another witch they are about to hunt

Haruto Sakaki age 18.  Sakaki is a rather minor character in this series and is not a craft user (witch).  He hunts witches along with his teammates and follows the rules.

Amon on the hunt for a witch and being cautious

Amon is 25 years old.  He is a very quiet member of the group and considered a very skilled hunter.  It is believed that he is a witch, but he never displays it if he has it.  He is very secretive as well.  He is one who knows about the secrets going on in the agency and may be a part of it.  Most of this is just conjecture.  Amon used to date one of the coworkers, but it didn't work out, because he was so withdrawn.
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