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Elfen Lied
Last Updated: 7/27/07

The world looks new to Nyu Nyu

Nyu is the main character.  Her personality emerged when she was Lucy and shot in the head.  It is unclear if the bullet entered her brain however.  Nyu is a cute innocent who has the personality of a newborn.  She may pee on the ground and has no understanding of the purpose of clothes.  The world is new to her and she is very innocent.  She does not realize that she is being hunted by soldiers and people who are after Lucy, her other self from before she was shot.  During times of extreme danger as well as certain emotional triggers her Lucy personality emerges.

Kohto at home by an old broken clock

Kohta is about 20 and has recently come into town after 8 years to go to college.  He is going to be renting a big yet old building from a reletive while he goes to college.  Yuka and Kohta are cousins

Yuka being shy around Kohta, but only when trying to talk to him about his past or finding out what he thinks of her

Yuka is a childhood friend of Kohta's from 8 years ago.  She and Kohta are about 20 years old.  She has not seen Kohta for 8 years and now met up with him again and spending time with him.  She still has a shildhood crush on Kohta.  She is a quiet and fairly mature woman for her age, but is prone to jealousy.  She is simply a nice person, neither shy or outgoing.

Mayu at Kohta's place trying to see if he is alright

Mayu is a girl who has run away from home a few days ago and has not had much to eat.  She gets her food by asking for crumbs for her dog.  She lies and says she is fine so that she will not be returned to her abusive parents.  She is 13.  She has a puppy that she keeps on a leash for a friend.  The dog is not hers, but follows her around so she kept him.
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