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Last Updated: 7/27/07

Rakka is feeling sad that a friend of hers is gone Rakka

Rakka is the main character of this show.  She is a newborn.  She was found growing in a cocoon in one of the empty rooms of old home by Reki the cigarette smoking Haibane.  Rakka was given her name because it means falling and it is what Rakka was dreaming about when she was in her coccoon.  Rakka was born wearing a gown and knowing how to speak.  Everything is new to her and life is very pleasant for her.  She is quiet and naieve.  She is friendly and as the show goes on is also trying to understand her purpose.

Hikari being motherly

Hikari is one of the very female characters in the show.  She loves to take care of people and be a mother.  I don't know much more beyond this at present.  I'll try to add more later as soon as I find out more about her.

Kana excited about making progress repairing the clock tower

Kana is a tom boy.  When I first saw her I thought that she was a boy, because of how she acted, dressed and talked.  She works in town with a mechanic and seems to like physical labor and loves working on her clock.  Yes she is a tom boy, but not masculine.  She does not like crows.

Kuu enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

I really don'tunderstand how age works since some people are born fully grown like Rakka.  When they are born they do continue to grow however.  Kuu is considered the youngest of the older feathers and only barely qualifies as such.  She is very young and tries to fit in with the rest of the older feathers.  When she was born she didn't fit in all that well, but by the time Rakka is born is now accepted as part of the family.  Her great desire seems to be to fit in, but she also has a very light hearted spirit about her that brightens the mood for everyone else around her.

I like this picture as it shows Reki smiling and some of what she likes to wear.

Reki's name means pebbles, because that is what she dreamt about while in her coccoon.  She smokes and while growing up was very rebellious.  She seems to be a bit sturdier than the rest because of her past.  She is very loving and loyal, but is not emotional like a lot of other Haibane.  She has a secret that even she does not know and tries to bring it out in her paintings.  She hopes that by painting the little that she remembers from her dreams that she will begin to remember more.  She seems to know more about what life is like outside town than anyone.  She also grudgingly accepts the way things are for her and the Haibane.  She is the most complex of all the characters in Old Home where the Haibane live.

Nemu.  She always has this look of peace about her.

Nemu's name means sleeping, because she was sleeping even in her dream.  She works at the library and is very pleasant.  She looks like she is ever so relaxed everytime you see her.  I imagine that she is 35 or so.  She loves to read and tries to find out about life outside of the town's walls, but every time a shipment of books comes in there is never anything to say what is outside of the town.  Nemu also likes to write stories and tell stories and imagine what life is like outside of town and beyond the walls.

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