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Lain is the main character.  She is in the 8th grade, which means she is probably about 13.  She is rather reclusive and doesn't talk much.


Arisu is the name she goes by in the Japanese version and Alice is the name she goes by in the English dubbed version.  She is Lain's closest friend and watches out for her and makes sure Lain is included and treated well.  She, Lain, Arisu, Reika, and Juli are a group of friends that hang out together.


Mika is Lain's older sister.  She is rather standoffish and likes to make sure she looks cool and mature.  She thinks Lain is weird and doesn't associate much with her.


Lain's Dad is very knowledgeable about computers and the latest web technology.  He seems to know more about things than he is letting on.  He is also concerned about Lain.


She doesn't talk much and looks to be emotionally dead; not caring about anything.  Lain appears to want to be closer to her, but just can't.


Taro is a cool kid who is also very computer savvy.  He frequents a club called cyberia with two other friends.


Part of Lain's group of friends.


A classmate of Lain's who killed herself and yet still seems to be able to make herself known.  Her death starts the whole story going.

Masami Eiri

A mysterious godlike figure in the wired.


Mysterious group of hackers who are out to manipulate the wired and observe the prophetic changes that are about to take place with the wired.


One of Lain's group of friends.

Secret Agents

Two agents who continually watch Lain and work for an unknown agency or person.
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