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MySQL –– combine tables
written by: admin

Date Written: 11/14/08 Last Updated: 1/14/24

The following will gather the contents of one table and insert it at the end of another table.  Make sure the field names are the same, but even if they are not it can be easily remedied.  Make sure that you put the right content type into the right fields.
include 'include/db.php';
$query = "SELECT * FROM news";
$result = mysqli_query($query,$conn);
$numrows = mysqli_num_rows($result);
$query = "SELECT * FROM news2";
$result1 = mysqli_query($query,$conn);
while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result1)){
$db="INSERT INTO news (ID,marriage,date) VALUES ('$ID','$marriage','$date')";
$result = mysqli_query($db);
echo "all done";

TAGS: mysql
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