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X–23 Covers
written by: admin

Date Written: 2/17/11 Last Updated: 5/24/15

Favorite Cover: #2  I chose this one because I feel it best characterizes X–23.  The style is rather cartoonish, but not in a childish way nor an anime way; it expresses some of the innocence about her lack of understanding of the world and reminds us that she is still a child in the body of a 16 year old.  On the cover she wears sexy leather, but not in a pornographic way.  It is her way to be herself and exert some degree of self.  Her snarl is one of anger, but more of distaste.  It shows her standoffish stance to the people.

Least Favorite: #9  This may be my least favorite cover, but I feel the facial expressions of the characters were correct even if the proportions looked off.

X–23: Covers 2010 – present

TAGS: marvel
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