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Four Square
written by: admin

Date Written: 12/7/06 Last Updated: 10/6/07

To start here is a link to the doctrine of the four square church.

Problem areas:

Not directly part of their doctrine is the fact that they do not believe in the sufficiency of scripture or God in their ministry since there is extensive use of show business to draw in people for their congregation.  There also seems to be a great lack of understanding of the Bible as well.

I may need to stop here.  I just found an awesome site that compares and contrasts the doctrine of many cults and denominations with the Bible in what appears to be a very reformed manner.  I can't disagree with their doctrine.  The link is here.

It seems that the core of the primary difference between what I believe and the last link has its root in our position on Baptism.  I will try to read up on covenant theology to understand this.  You see with the Baptist position against infant baptism and for immersion baptism there is also a vastly different view of covenant and that leads to some great changes in how we raise our children.  For example Baptists will raise their children on the belief that they are not Christian and pray for their children.  I need to learn more about some of the other consequences of the Baptist position on baptism and covenant.

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