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Luminous Extension for Opera
written by: admin

Date Written: 8/14/19 Last Updated: 8/15/19

Luminous is an extension for the Opera browser and others.  It allows the user to have greater control over what javascript is blocked and what is not and can be website specific.  The instructions on how to use it are not very clear or can be somewhat inaccurate, so I will be adding to my own tutorial when I can.

This is the box that you see when you click on the Luminous "eye" on the extension bar.  We have three check boxes on the left and three on the right.

Zoom in If it is checked, aspects of the UI will appear larger.

Performance Metrics How long does it take to execute/load a particular type of javascript.

Code Details When you mouse over the javascript being intercepted, such as DOMContentLoaded, you can see the code of the intercepted javascript.

Note: To say that a javascript has been intercepted means that it has been detected and it was either allowed or blocked.

All websites If checked then the filters will be applied to all websites by default.

Website In this example the website I am on is my own.  If checked then the filters are applied to my website.  If unchecked, then the default filters will never be applied to my website.

apply actions to default rules If checked, then the rules listed below such as DOMContentLoaded, which, here, is crossed out will also be part of the default rules on every other site where default rules are applied.

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