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Thursday 4:27pm

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Yay!  I just purchased the unlock for Section X for 1,000,000!  This was a sort of Holy Grail unlock for me, so I'm particularly happy about this one.  All of these unlocks are account wide too .  Considering how much actual money is needed for the Section X account wide unlock 1,000,000 actually sounds quite reasonable to me.  Now I am really looking forward to my account running out on the 16th.

The only thing I am wondering about is how to modify the character perks in order to level at a normal pace.  I'll have to play it by ear to figure it out.  Also I will not be able to transfer money to my other characters.

I just realized that the two quickslots that I purchased will give me quickslots 5 and 6 which I never use anyway.  Having purchased them will give me the full complement quickslot unlocks though!  The only other unlock I can think of is to get one or two GTN unlocks.  I may as well.  They are inexpensive enough and I can see myself using them in the future.

I think I am going to try and pad my characters accounts with some spending money before my account expires.  My characters will only be able to have 350,000 credits in their bank accounts and will not be able to mail credits to each other.


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