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Saturday 9:26pm

Date Posted:

I think I'm going to uninstall ubuntu and try mint instead.

I've been uninstalling security updates and windows components in an effort to isolate what was/is causing me to not be able to access my website.  The nearest I can tell it is due to a corrupted windows security update.  I'm actually on XP right now as I write this, so I am having some success.  For the last hour or two I have been unable to recreate this bug which has been repeatable for the last several months.  Still, it is way too early to know for sure, but at present it does look promising.

Update: Apparently the cause of my website issues has to do with the Security Update for Windows XP (KB2347290) which deals with a vulnerability in certain inkjet printers.  This is a little odd since I don't have a printer.

My best guess is that when I installed the update it was corrupted somehow.  Ever since I removed the update and then reinstalled all of the critical updates and a few other software updates I have not had any troubles with accessing my website.  I'll be keeping an eye on it for a while before I can rest easy though.


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