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Saturday 1:21am

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While I continue my research into getting the right motherboard a few pieces of my computer have arrived and I am carefully putting it together.  I love the case.  It is bigger and sturdier than my current one and is designed to maximize airflow and allow the internal components to be easy to get to, fit, and safer from overheating.

The piece I am putting in is the power supply.  After that I am considering putting in the hard drive although I have not decided if I want to put the hard drive in just yet.  I really want to though.

The next piece I want to buy is the motherboard, because most all of the other pieces connect to it.  I guess I think of it as the brain.  I guess the CPU is the cerebellum, the fan is the blood supply, the power supply is the pancreas, the GPU is the visual process center of the brain, the case is the skull, the keyboard and mouse are the hands and feet, etc.  I'm just rambling now, but it is fun to think about .


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